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“SuMo Japan” is a bulletin board-type app where users can ask and answer questions related to different topics that they come across in the area they live in. The app is connected to the increase of foreign residents in Japan and the issues they face in their everyday lives. Together we can overcome obstacles, regardless of nationality, gender or age. If there`s someone out there who needs advice, advice they will get. Someone`s helping someone out right now. That`s the kind of environment we want to encourage. Android and iOS versions are available.

Link and QR code for smartphones

iOS Android
iOS版 Google Play で手に入れよう Android版


*No advertisements appear in the app. *The device model and environment may disrupt the normal operation of the app.

Group Registration

Please register here if you would like to receive a QR code for group registration. Please see this file for instructions on how to register your group.

PDF printing

PDF printing
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