Nihongo Overlapping

Nihongo Overlapping


“Nihongo Overlapping” is a speech learning tool that supports the acquisition of natural Japanese prosody by “listening, watching, and imitating” model speech. When you set the speech you want to use as a model, its prosody (intensity and intonation) is displayed on the screen. While watching the model speech, you can practice your pronunciation as if you were doing karaoke. Your own prosody is superimposed on the model’s prosody, so you can immediately see where and how they differ, and you can get a score for the degree of agreement.
We hope you enjoy using it!

Wired headset is recommended. Recommended browser is Google Chrome.
We presented this tool at CASTEL/J 2023


How to use

How to set the model speech Recording and Evaluation

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Speech Materials for Practice

For those who want to use this tool right away, we have prepared downloadable practice samples!
※ Please use these samples for this tool only.


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