TTBJ (Tsukuba Test-Battery of Japanese)

TTBJ (Tsukuba Test-Battery of Japanese) Website


TTBJ is a collection of tests developed by the International Student Center at the University of Tsukuba. The purposes of the test may be divided into the following two areas: (1) level placement, (2) diagnostic.

Level Placement

TTBJ is a battery of tests that can be chosen freely, and consists of a variety of question item types such as SPOT* (Simple Performance-Oriented Test), Grammar, Listening, Vocabulary, and so on. Examinees can take tests efficiently because this system can estimate an examinee’s ability from each test results, and is able to select the next item that is most appropriate for that estimate. *The SPOT is an innovative test that measures Japanese usage ability in a short period of time.


The Kanji diagnostic test is currently open to the public. The Kanji diagnostic test is useful for Kanji learning since it displays a graph of which areas of Kanji ability appear to be weak. We are planning to make additional tests of the battery available in the near future.