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Reading Tutor
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Reading Tutor, a Japanese language reading comprehension and learning support system, is a learning support site that brings together various tools and educational materials useful for cultivating and promoting reading comprehension.


Reading Tutor allows you to use the following tools just by entering a sentence in the text box.

How to use this system to create educational materials

The vocabulary level checker and kanji level checker can be conveniently used in various situations for the use of educational materials.

History of Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor was developed primarily by Professor Yoshiko Kawamura of the School of Language Communication at Tokyo International University. Since it was released in 1999, it has been used by Japanese language learners and Japanese language educators around the world. With the retirement of Professor Kawamura in March 2021, we will be taking over the operations of Reading Tutor, which is beloved and which has been used by countless users. We sincerely hope that you will continue to use this system.