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TTBJ (Tsukuba Test-Battery of Japanese)

This free test can be accessed worldwide. We provide individual and group exams.

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Basic Kanji Plus

You can study kanji from a beginner to an intermediate-advanced level, through their reading and their sound. The stroke order is shown as well.

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You can check conversations based on a can-do list. Registered users can post their own example conversations.

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You can learn conversation, listening and speaking from a beginner to an intermediate level.

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JACOP(Japanese Conversation Practice)

A collection of conversation videos based on the textbook "SITUATIONAL FUNCTIONAL JAPANESE". The textbook audio is also available.

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SuMo Japan

This bulletin board with translation function allows you to ask other people questions about issues you encounter in daily life in Japan.


Tsukuba Web Corpus

This large-scale Japanese corpus of 1.1 billion words built from Japanese website contents allows you to investigate word co-occurrence relationships.

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Japanese Learner's Dictionary

This Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary for learners of Japanese contains about 230,000 entries.

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Reading Tutor

Vocabulary or kanji used in any given Japanese text can be checked for their level.

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Learning Item Analysis System

Grammar items used in any given Japanese text can be checked for their level, meaning and use.

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